pyoauth2: Simple OAuth 2.0 client

Release v0.0.4

Author:Yoshifumi YAMAGUCHI
License:New BSD License
Issue Tracker:Issues page on repository

pyoauth2 is a New BSD Licensed library, written in Python.

pyoauth2 provides simple OAuth 2.0 client, which enables easy authorization to several web service APIs, such as Google APIs, Facebook API, Foursquare and so on. (Note that Twitter does not provide OAuth 2.0 as of now.)

This module tries to follow detailed specs on Internet-Draft of OAuth 2.0 (Candidate replacement of RFC 5849) but as of now it is implemented on a visceral level.


For the meantime, pyoauth2’s target is command-line OAuth 2.0 client application, which means no redirects to callback and so forth.


pyoauth2 aims at offering user extensibility for following functions:

  • Authorization flow
  • Credential storage

User Guide

This part of documentation explains background information about pyoauth2, step-by-step nutsshell and detailed API documents.